Wedding Reception Protocol – Who Says What and When?

wedding protocolA wedding reception could be formal or casual, but you need to be confident that you do it correctly — in other words you need to follow the standard wedding reception routine as that’s what people can expect. Note nevertheless that the protocol isn’t quite as stiff as you may think, and may be considered more like a set of tips. However, what’s the traditional wedding reception routine?

An official wedding reception is held at the restaurant of a resort where facilities and employees are on-hand to get a whole sit-down dinner — sometimes still called the “wedding breakfast”. An informal reception with a buffet menu could be a less expensive option.

If the guests arrive at the reception, then they need to be greeted with a receiving line. This is usually the bride’s mother and dad, the bridegroom’s mother and father, the bride, and finally the groom — in this order. When there’s a high number of guests, you may wish just to have the bride and groom inviting the guests.

Guests are then customarily presented with a beverage, and when everybody has arrived, they could begin to look to their name cards at the dining room. The bride and groom must have sorted out this well ahead of time, and the sole point of protocol here is that in a formal wedding reception there’s usually a high table to the leading members of their wedding celebration.

At some point the cake is cut — this can be possible at the tail end or part-way into. The wife holds the knife in her right hand, together with all the groom’s right side on hers, and then the bride’s left hand in addition to that. This is a significant photo opportunity, and the couple might need to stand at this position with a grin on their faces for many moments! The cake is then whisked from the restaurant staff to be trimmed up prepared to be handed out in the conclusion of the reception as people are still leaving. You might choose to rescue the best tier to spare to your christening of this first-born.

Following the cake-cutting comes the highlight of the reception: the speeches.

The first to speak is that the bride’s dad. He’ll typically mention a few words and then suggest the most important toast: “Health and happiness to the bride and bridegroom” (or something comparable).

The bridegroom then reacts, thanking the bride’s parents and the guests, and he concludes by proposing a toast to the health of the bridesmaids.

The best man then speaks, replying to your bridesmaids, studying the congratulatory cards and telegrams. The ideal person will even relate some stories about the groom (and bride, even if they’re friends also).

That’s it as much as tradition is worried, however, should they prefer, the bride, bride’s mother, along with the maid of honour (chief bridesmaid) can all make speeches — but it’s ideal to consult the bride and groom originally.

Any and all of the addresses can be funny or serious, but giving a speech is a high-stress activity for a lot of people. You might wish to consider employing a pre-written speech. This is well worth considering, and you will find a few websites offering such stuff, and also you may edit what they provide one to create it suitable and applicable for your wedding reception. Getting another person to do the job isn’t merely a fantastic time-saver, but relieves one of this massive amount of stress — and also you may have confidence that what they provide you may do the job. Such pre-written speech templates can be purchased for next to nothing — and trust me: paying for them is well worth it since they’ve been made and honed by professionals.

When there is to be dance, the bride and groom are first on the ground. They’re followed by the maid of honor and the best man and after that member of both households.

At some point, the bride and groom will slip away to transform to “normal” clothing and will subsequently return to state good-bye before going off to their honeymoon. Before they depart, the bride throws her flowers into the atmosphere — and tradition has it that the female to grab it’s next in line for marriage. Sometimes the groom will throw the bride’s garter to the men, along with the person who grabs it is subsequently expected to put it to the leg of the woman who caught the bouquet.

The bride and groom then enter a car that’s been decorated by additional guests and push off into the sunset for their honeymoon and the rest of their lives together.

Last, remember that the entire point of this wedding is really for the benefit of the bride and groom, which wedding reception routine is, after all, only a set of tips. It is exactly what the guests will probably be expecting, so if you intend to deviate from tradition, it is perhaps best to let everybody know beforehand to prevent disappointment.

Plan it carefully, then relax and enjoy yourselves!

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5 things you should remember about your wedding night

Anticipating for the wedding night can be nerve-racking. There are so many things that go on in your brain. Your heart starts pounding by the thought of the night.

Unlike in the past, the to-be bride and groom spend enough time before marriage to know each other. This makes them more comfortable on the night of their wedding. Here are some things you should remember regarding your wedding night.

Don’t rush

The wedding is not only about sex. So don’t get to bed straight away. You can spend some quality time together by talking, cracking jokes, etc.

You should get connected mentally first before you go into a physical relationship. The entire wedding ceremony can be exhausting. So, you may also feel tired and sleep early. It is also not necessary to have sex on the first night.

Put on a sexy dress

You must buy a special lingerie for your wedding night because nothing turns on a guy more than a sexy dress. You can choose satin night gowns or lacy dresses. You should be comfortable and feel confident wearing that dress.

Don’t experiment

There are many ways to have sex. But on the first night stick to the simple love making. You can experiment with various positions, sex toys, etc. later on. You should try to know what your partner likes or dislikes, including ad-hoc service like photography, landscaping etc.

Make the environment romantic

You should make your bedroom very romantic. You can have soft music, candles, fragrance, flowers, etc. that will boost your sexual feelings. These will also help you to get rid of your stress and make you feel relaxed.

Communicate with your partner

You should talk with your partner about family planning on the first night if you don’t want to get pregnant right away. You must decide on the contraceptive method you are going to use.

Sex is an important part of marriage. You should visit the doctor regularly for your sexual health check up. It is important to know each other well and feel emotionally connected in order to experience good sex. Contact us here.

4 things to consider when hiring your wedding photographer

The wedding is a big part of life and you want every moment of it captured. A lot of things make the wedding special including the floral decoration, the bride’s dress, the cake, etc.

You need a good photographer who will not only capture the physical objects but also the emotions of the event. Here are four things you should consider before selecting a photographer for your wedding. 

Do some research

You should visit the websites of a number of photographers to get familiar with their styles. You should look at local magazines also to find out about good photographers in town. Then make a short list of the photographers and choose from them.

Decide on the budget

Photographers charge according to their experience and the equipment they use. You should choose a photographer whom you can afford. If someone you know is new to photography but takes good photos, you can select that photographer as well. You can ask your friends and families for recommendations.

Take interviews

You should sit with the photographer and look at few of his or her past projects. You should discuss the type of equipment the photographer is going to use, the style of the photo he or she will take, the timing, etc.

Know what you are going to get

You should sit with the photographer and know what you are going to get the package. Some photographers provide lots of prints, enlargements, etc.; whereas, others may charge extra for these. If possible, you should try to customize the package according to your preference.

A good wedding photographer will capture your memories well. These photos will become a lifetime asset, so you should remember these four tips before choosing the wedding photograph.

wedding ceremony

Things You Must Know Before Tying the Knot

Once you decide that you are tying the knot, there can be no stopping you from being with the person you love. However, keep in mind that people hold different opinions. As such, it’s crucial that you sit down with your partner and have an essential conversation about various aspects of marriage.  You may decide to do this alone, or with a therapist or a religious leader.Marriage counselling


It is the best time to discuss if you want children. Do you both want kids? The number of kids and how you would raise them is also a crucial talking point. How would you go about disciplining them? In some cases, giving birth may not be an option.

Would your partner be okay with adopting? It is okay to disagree on some issues relating to parenting, but the most important thing is that you both keep an open mind. If you feel that you may not change your mind even after the wedding, it’s best to let your partner know so that you can agree on the way forward.


Did you know that faith and values play such a significant role in each union? If one partner is religious and the other one is not, it may become an issue later on. It’s best that you discuss how you will also raise your kids. What are the values would you want to instill in them as they grow up?

Careers and Money

You may be surprised to discover that most couples fight about money once they get married. It’s vital that you both disclose your sources of income, and how you will handle your finances. Will you pool your money together or will you use separate bank accounts? How will you go about saving and investments?  If one of you has an involving career, how will that affect your family? You should also talk about your career goals and your future expectations.

Arguments and Fights

Since we all have different opinions, it’s okay to disagree even when married. However, you should have a plan on how you will deal with fights once they occur. After all, you don’t want to end up not talking for days after each row as it will negatively affect your marriage. Keep in mind that you are not alone anymore and each decision made affects everyone involved. Agree to accommodate each other’s flaws and always talk it out.

wedding remark

Tips on How to Present a Wonderful Bride and Groom Speech

Presenting a wedding speech can be quite tasking. What’s with the bride and groom expecting you to wow the crowd with your wit and humor? If you get a chance to speak at a wedding, here are a few tips worth noting.

Make Introductions

First, start by introducing yourself. How do you relate to the bride and groom? It also does not hurt to acknowledge the person who spoke before you did.

Make Notes

It is important to jot down what exactly you will say during your speech. Practicing your delivery also goes a long way in helping you gain confidence. Once you get a chance to speak, try to talk naturally. Only glance at your cue cards to remind yourself of what comes next.

Do not rush your speech. Being nervous is okay. Take deep breaths and look at the audience when addressing them. If it’s a big venue, opt for a microphone to enhance your voice. Keep in mind that everyone wants to hear what you have to say about the bride and groom.

Know Your Audience

If you knew the couple for a long time, you must have some inside jokes. Save those for later since not everyone will get them. Instead, you can give light details on how you met the couple. A toast should be all inclusive and appeal to everyone present.


A wedding is a joyous occasion, and toasts are meant to make people smile. Think about funny stories or silly occurrences you shared with either the bride or groom and speak about them lightly. Your goal is to make people laugh and not to settle scores. Do not go overboard with the teasing.

State the obvious

A compliment or two towards the bride or groom wouldn’t hurt. Every toast includes the bit on how lucky the groom is, and how beautiful the bride looks. We all love such tributes, hence, do not leave this out.

Your toast should be able to make people feel good, happy and emotional at the same time. Lastly, ensure the glasses are full before asking the audience to toast to the beautiful couple.

15 Meaningful Traditional Wedding Gift To The Newlyweds

traditional wedding giftsWedding gift are gifts that are given to newlywed on, before and after their wedding day. It is a special gift presented to the couples as a gesture to show how important the they are, a gesture of appreciation, and a gesture of comfort, of love and peace.

One amazing thing about wedding gifts is that every time the couples see the gifts, they also are reminded of the benefits and the reason it was given.

In this article, we will be looking at some interesting angles to what makes a wedding gift meaningful, the right questions to ask when buying wedding gifts, and 15 traditional wedding gift you can give to the newly weds

So let’s get started….

Common Question about Buying Traditional Wedding Gift For Couple

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give the next wedding couples in town? Getting them gifts that they will cherish and will keep remembering for a lifetime requires that you ask yourself some right question before buying the wedding present.

Do you care to make the perfect choice on your purchase?  Here are some questions that can give pointer to your buying the right traditional wedding

  • What are you trying to express with your gift?
  • What would you like your gift to remind them of every time they sees it?
  • How do you want them to feel each time they look at the gift?
  • Do the gifts fit into their belief?
  • Will your gifts capture their lifestyle?

If you have a next wedding to attend, these questions above should guide you to buy the right traditional wedding gift that will make positive difference in the lives of the couples.

One very vital part when shopping for wedding gift is that it necessary not needs to be expensive. What matters most when you are given out a wedding gift is the thought that goes into buying it and not about the cost or amount of purchase.

If you are still in the wood on your best traditional wedding gifts to give, here are 15 traditional wedding gifts you can give to the newlyweds

1.      Unity Candle:

If you aren’t sure if the couples had this gift in their list, you can speak with the couple’s wedding planner if they already have a unity candle. The unity candles represent the union of two souls in the presence of God

2.      Photo Book –

If you are considering your budget, and you want to get the couple’s affordable traditional wedding gifts, one fantastic concept is to get them a good photo book that will include some artwork’s canvass and some pictures. To add some romantic spark on the book, you can chronicle from the book how the couples met and how they finally settled at the altar. It’s also a very good ways to show how close you are to the couples.

3.      Wedding Shower Gift Box:

This types of gift should be given early before the wedding day. At least 1 week before. it’s a genuine way of telling the bride you really are happy for her as she goes to becoming a wife.

4.      Personalized Keepsake Box:

A unique keepsake box is a remarkably thoughtful wedding present to give to newlywed couples; you might choose to provide them with their first keepsake box where they can keep some of the happiest times in their lives together.

There are silver boxes that allow the couples fit their pictures together so not only are those made to keep personal belongings but it also functions like a picture frame Too, You can locate design firms around who will offer a gorgeous, wooden box with a latch, in addition to the design on the lid for proper customization.

5.      Personalized Wedding Photo Frame –

Another fantastic traditional wedding gift the couples will appreciate is a personalized traditional wedding photo frame.

You can ask a photographer to get the snapshot of the couples wearing their wedding garments and ask it to be framed. It’s a fantastic romantic mementos that every couple will appreciate

6.      Champagne Set

Drinking wine and champagne in any occasion can set the mood of the event into a romantic frenzy. if you know the couples very well, you can have a special way to present the gift to them.

Having a bottle of champagne included as a wedding gift is apparently a winner’s choice as it will not expire. You only need to tell the gift handler that your present is fragile so that you can be confident it will be kept in a safe place

7.      Cruise Tickets/Accommodations –

Thinking of adding more romance to the newlywed’s day? Offer them a choice of cruise ticket complete with fantastic accommodation that will make the trip a complete romantic experience.

Using good online travel agencies can help you look out for romantic boat cruise for newlyweds with great discount prices on room accommodations to stay for their honeymoon

8.      Precious gifts

Are you feeling very generous and wish to give out precious gifts to the newlyweds? If you have a larger budget for a wedding gift, you can decide to give the newlyweds some silverware.

A silver ware is a precious and cherished gift and will definitely last with the couples throughout their life

9.      Home appliances

Are you thinking of giving the couples something that will be of benefit to them every day of their staying together? Think of home and kitchen appliances.

There are hundreds of home appliances which are very significant for wedding gifts. For instance, you can give a quality blender to make smoothies and milkshakes and also simplify several tasks in the kitchen.

Gifts like food processor, grain mill, meat grinder etc. are excellent choice and they all comes in great prices and endures for several decades.

10. Bridal wear

Do you want to surprise the bride? Send her a personalized bridal wear for her wedding gift and you will be amazed at the sheer joy you would create inside her.

You could even go further to personalize the bridal wear with her name sewn on it something like Future Mrs.

You can have a numbers of bridal wears for full personalization such like the aprons, tank top, t-shirts, sweatshirts just any significant wear you can give to the newly wed can be customized to their likings.

11. Classic Vintage teaspoon

A Small but exceptional gift you can give to newlyweds is an engraved classic vintage teaspoon. You can get some beautiful looking vintage teaspoons from the internet.

This type of gift will be appreciated more if its given by a close friend. Imagine the couple starting their morning off by stirring a tea with their special engraved vintage teaspoon. Many fitting engraving might go well with these vintage teaspoons something like their wedding date, Mr. and Mrs. or an in-joke punchline.

12. Gifts of Livestock

In Africa, livestock is also used as a form of wedding gift. Goatskins and sheep are usually used as a present along with a wedding broom.

Also included are heavy iron cookery pots. The wedding broom is significant because the traditional custom requires the couple to jump over the broom to symbolize a life of commitment together.

13. Money

Take it or leave it, money is another good wedding gift you can give to newlywed couples. The custom of giving money to couples is quite popular in Northeast of Africa, and Asia. In china, customary gift known as li shi is a way of presenting an envelope full of crisp currency to brides and grooms.

The li shi is a monetary gift presented in a red envelope containing 99 Chinese yuan or even 999 Chinese yuan. In Chinese culture, the term for ‘nine,’ ‘long’ and ‘forever’ are all the same.

14. Pink Chalk

In some culture like the Vietnamese, presenting pink chalk to newlyweds as a wedding gift is very significant.

The pink chalk represents happiness meaning they wish the newlyweds happiness in their new role as husband and wife

15. Traditional Wedding Scarves

In Tibet, the Tibetans celebrate wedding by tying traditional wedding scarfs known as khata around the newlywed’s necks. This is a sign to symbolize purity, goodwill and compassion.

Many traditional wedding gifts will come as a surprise to both the groom and the bride as long as you know the right wedding gift to send. If they are the type of couples that doesn’t engage in throwing parties now and then, they may not find too much value to receiving expensive crystal stemware.

Wedding gifts is not about getting to impress the couples with expensive gifts. Spending an amount that makes you uncomfortable will not make your gift the most welcome.

If you are still struggling to make out what wedding gifts to take to the next wedding event then follow the list mentioned above. its sure to be a safe place to get started.

10 Ways You Can Personalize Your Wedding into a Memorable Experience

When it comes to weddings, it is all about the one-of-a-kind details. From customized cocktails to personalized music, these personalized moments are what make a wedding truly spectacular. Additionally, it is fun to make your own twist on the traditional ceremony.

To help you come up with the best ideas, we have asked some of the top experts in the wedding industry to help us find inspiration on how to do things your own way.

Here are 10 ways you can personalize your wedding into a memorable experience.

Make Use of Your Own Talents

Show Your Talent on Wedding Night
Everyone has his or her own special talent. Whether it be singing or painting, you can use it as part of your wedding. If you are creative, why not sing a song to your partner during the reception? If you are more hands on, go ahead and build something useful for the wedding. Do not be afraid to play up what you do best and what will help make your party even more special.

Create a Signature Cocktail

Signature Cocktail
Having a signature cocktail is a fun way to incorporate your individual taste and make the event even more interesting than serving red and white wine. The bride may prefer Rose, while the groom might look for Jack Daniels.

Not only will you be able to drink what you enjoy, but also share your personal taste with your guests. You can even set up a drink station with a themed bar. Whatever you decide, make sure to give your drinks a meaningful name.

The Option of Gift Giving

Gift Giving
Instead of the traditional well wishes and money cards, ask your guests to bring items that they think will enrich your lives as a married couple. This could be a plant, book, or simple items in your home.

Go for DIY favors

Wedding Favors
Aim to make time for your favors and make them yourself. Your guests will appreciate the memento and share your special day with you. Additionally, it will give you the perfect chance to put your talent to good use. You can bake cookies, create a CD, make candles, or even grow herbs for your guests to take home.

Save the Date

Wedding Dates
Most often, save the date can be plain or boring. You can think about where you and your partner first met or a special trip that is memorable as a couple. Consider making your Save the Date cards related to your first date, a movie stub, or even travel documents.

Serve Meals in Your Style

Memorable Meals
Cocktail hour is one of the most popular parts of a wedding. It is also one of the tastiest parts that guests can enjoy. So, why not make it festive and turn your wedding reception into more of a conversational event rather than a full sit-down affair. More couples are choosing taste-as-you-go options instead of the $100 per plate menu.

Instead, you can switch cake for s’mores or donuts, gather food trucks, make a DIY salad bar, and more. The options are endless. This is for couples who want to enjoy their special night with great food and great company while they dance the night away.

With more food trucks and alternative options making its way into the wedding bliss, you have the freedom to explore and choose what food suits your taste buds. Major food trucks like Kogi BBQ and In-and-Out are helping to give couples a unique twist on their special day.

Switch up the Seating Chart

Perfect Artistic Seat
As more couples focus on their reception, this means they are also making new adjustments on the traditional flow of seating arrangements. You might want to consider the long table trend over the traditional countless round ones. This will give your wedding a nice, warm feel to an intimate event.

Consider A Different Type of Registry

Wedding registrations offer so many options in many different stores. Instead of choosing to purchase 3 sets of plates why not list items that you wouldn’t normally buy such as rare books, honeymoon fund, equipment, and even a charitable donation.

Get Married Somewhere Else

Wedding Location
The usual standards for weddings are to take place in the designated venue location. Now, couples are getting creative by throwing their special weddings at rooftops, bars, farms, and even at Taco Bell. More couples are looking into destination weddings that many once only dreamt for their wedding.

Choose A Dress for Your Style and Budget

Style and Budget
Finding the perfect dress doesn’t have to take out a major chunk of your budget. Your bridal look is meant to make you look and feel beautiful on your wedding day as well as express your individuality. Instead of searching the high-mark bridal shops, consider your own style.

Depending on the event and formality, you can opt for a non-white gown, a separate top and short, a detachable option, or even go for a second dress for the reception.

Got any tips and ideas that you want to share? Comment below and share your personalized ideas with us!

5 tips to help you find your perfect wedding dress

The wedding dress is the main attraction of a wedding and every bride eagerly waits to choose their perfect outfit.

However, with so many amazing designers out there it can be very difficult to choose the one that’s perfect for you. Here are some tips that will help you to choose your perfect wedding dress to remember forever.

Start your search before

You shouldn’t wait until the last moment to select your dress. This is one of the first things you should do when you start planning for your wedding.

You should browse the internet and find your favorite designer or do window shopping in your nearest bridal stores. You can also have a look at the fashion magazines for the latest fashion.

Be open minded

You shouldn’t have a fixed image of a dress in your mind. You should look at different designs and then choose. You should visit as many stores as you can and finally select your gown.

Consider your budget

You should make a budget and stick to it. You should narrow down your list of choices according to your budget. You must visit boutiques that sell bridal gowns that are within your budget.

Keep accessories in mind

You should not forget about the accessories. Your dress should match your ornaments, shoes, etc. Your accessories must compliment your dress.

Choose something comfortable

Your wedding dress should not make you look gorgeous only, you should feel comfortable wearing it too. You will have to wear the dress for a long time and if you are not comfortable in it will be reflected in your appearance.

5 tips to help you find your perfect wedding dress

Whichever dress you choose must make you look beautiful. If you are not sure what looks good on you, then you should take advice from the experts.

You should take the time to buy your wedding dress so that you don’t have any regrets regarding your choice later on. More about photographers for your big day.