15 Meaningful Traditional Wedding Gift To The Newlyweds

traditional wedding giftsWedding gift are gifts that are given to newlywed on, before and after their wedding day. It is a special gift presented to the couples as a gesture to show how important the they are, a gesture of appreciation, and a gesture of comfort, of love and peace.

One amazing thing about wedding gifts is that every time the couples see the gifts, they also are reminded of the benefits and the reason it was given.

In this article, we will be looking at some interesting angles to what makes a wedding gift meaningful, the right questions to ask when buying wedding gifts, and 15 traditional wedding gift you can give to the newly weds

So let’s get started….

Common Question about Buying Traditional Wedding Gift For Couple

Are you looking for the perfect gift to give the next wedding couples in town? Getting them gifts that they will cherish and will keep remembering for a lifetime requires that you ask yourself some right question before buying the wedding present.

Do you care to make the perfect choice on your purchase?  Here are some questions that can give pointer to your buying the right traditional wedding

  • What are you trying to express with your gift?
  • What would you like your gift to remind them of every time they sees it?
  • How do you want them to feel each time they look at the gift?
  • Do the gifts fit into their belief?
  • Will your gifts capture their lifestyle?

If you have a next wedding to attend, these questions above should guide you to buy the right traditional wedding gift that will make positive difference in the lives of the couples.

One very vital part when shopping for wedding gift is that it necessary not needs to be expensive. What matters most when you are given out a wedding gift is the thought that goes into buying it and not about the cost or amount of purchase.

If you are still in the wood on your best traditional wedding gifts to give, here are 15 traditional wedding gifts you can give to the newlyweds

1.      Unity Candle:

If you aren’t sure if the couples had this gift in their list, you can speak with the couple’s wedding planner if they already have a unity candle. The unity candles represent the union of two souls in the presence of God

2.      Photo Book –

If you are considering your budget, and you want to get the couple’s affordable traditional wedding gifts, one fantastic concept is to get them a good photo book that will include some artwork’s canvass and some pictures. To add some romantic spark on the book, you can chronicle from the book how the couples met and how they finally settled at the altar. It’s also a very good ways to show how close you are to the couples.

3.      Wedding Shower Gift Box:

This types of gift should be given early before the wedding day. At least 1 week before. it’s a genuine way of telling the bride you really are happy for her as she goes to becoming a wife.

4.      Personalized Keepsake Box:

A unique keepsake box is a remarkably thoughtful wedding present to give to newlywed couples; you might choose to provide them with their first keepsake box where they can keep some of the happiest times in their lives together.

There are silver boxes that allow the couples fit their pictures together so not only are those made to keep personal belongings but it also functions like a picture frame Too, You can locate design firms around who will offer a gorgeous, wooden box with a latch, in addition to the design on the lid for proper customization.

5.      Personalized Wedding Photo Frame –

Another fantastic traditional wedding gift the couples will appreciate is a personalized traditional wedding photo frame.

You can ask a photographer to get the snapshot of the couples wearing their wedding garments and ask it to be framed. It’s a fantastic romantic mementos that every couple will appreciate

6.      Champagne Set

Drinking wine and champagne in any occasion can set the mood of the event into a romantic frenzy. if you know the couples very well, you can have a special way to present the gift to them.

Having a bottle of champagne included as a wedding gift is apparently a winner’s choice as it will not expire. You only need to tell the gift handler that your present is fragile so that you can be confident it will be kept in a safe place

7.      Cruise Tickets/Accommodations –

Thinking of adding more romance to the newlywed’s day? Offer them a choice of cruise ticket complete with fantastic accommodation that will make the trip a complete romantic experience.

Using good online travel agencies can help you look out for romantic boat cruise for newlyweds with great discount prices on room accommodations to stay for their honeymoon

8.      Precious gifts

Are you feeling very generous and wish to give out precious gifts to the newlyweds? If you have a larger budget for a wedding gift, you can decide to give the newlyweds some silverware.

A silver ware is a precious and cherished gift and will definitely last with the couples throughout their life

9.      Home appliances

Are you thinking of giving the couples something that will be of benefit to them every day of their staying together? Think of home and kitchen appliances.

There are hundreds of home appliances which are very significant for wedding gifts. For instance, you can give a quality blender to make smoothies and milkshakes and also simplify several tasks in the kitchen.

Gifts like food processor, grain mill, meat grinder etc. are excellent choice and they all comes in great prices and endures for several decades.

10. Bridal wear

Do you want to surprise the bride? Send her a personalized bridal wear for her wedding gift and you will be amazed at the sheer joy you would create inside her.

You could even go further to personalize the bridal wear with her name sewn on it something like Future Mrs.

You can have a numbers of bridal wears for full personalization such like the aprons, tank top, t-shirts, sweatshirts just any significant wear you can give to the newly wed can be customized to their likings.

11. Classic Vintage teaspoon

A Small but exceptional gift you can give to newlyweds is an engraved classic vintage teaspoon. You can get some beautiful looking vintage teaspoons from the internet.

This type of gift will be appreciated more if its given by a close friend. Imagine the couple starting their morning off by stirring a tea with their special engraved vintage teaspoon. Many fitting engraving might go well with these vintage teaspoons something like their wedding date, Mr. and Mrs. or an in-joke punchline.

12. Gifts of Livestock

In Africa, livestock is also used as a form of wedding gift. Goatskins and sheep are usually used as a present along with a wedding broom.

Also included are heavy iron cookery pots. The wedding broom is significant because the traditional custom requires the couple to jump over the broom to symbolize a life of commitment together.

13. Money

Take it or leave it, money is another good wedding gift you can give to newlywed couples. The custom of giving money to couples is quite popular in Northeast of Africa, and Asia. In china, customary gift known as li shi is a way of presenting an envelope full of crisp currency to brides and grooms.

The li shi is a monetary gift presented in a red envelope containing 99 Chinese yuan or even 999 Chinese yuan. In Chinese culture, the term for ‘nine,’ ‘long’ and ‘forever’ are all the same.

14. Pink Chalk

In some culture like the Vietnamese, presenting pink chalk to newlyweds as a wedding gift is very significant.

The pink chalk represents happiness meaning they wish the newlyweds happiness in their new role as husband and wife

15. Traditional Wedding Scarves

In Tibet, the Tibetans celebrate wedding by tying traditional wedding scarfs known as khata around the newlywed’s necks. This is a sign to symbolize purity, goodwill and compassion.

Many traditional wedding gifts will come as a surprise to both the groom and the bride as long as you know the right wedding gift to send. If they are the type of couples that doesn’t engage in throwing parties now and then, they may not find too much value to receiving expensive crystal stemware.

Wedding gifts is not about getting to impress the couples with expensive gifts. Spending an amount that makes you uncomfortable will not make your gift the most welcome.

If you are still struggling to make out what wedding gifts to take to the next wedding event then follow the list mentioned above. its sure to be a safe place to get started.