The wedding is a big day for everyone. Lots of planning and preparation goes on for this important day of a person’s life. My wedding is coming up and I have started planning for it already. Every day I research on things like the wedding dress, flowers, venue, food, cake, and even the small details like the ribbons that will decorate my tables. There are so many things that go on in a wedding that it’s very challenging to make sure that everything goes right on the big day. The earlier you plan, the better it is. I am writing this blog to let others know how I am planning for my wedding so that they get tips and advice for their wedding also.

I hope this blog will help people in planning their wedding perfectly. Here they will find information about the different aspects of the wedding in one place. So, this blog will actually save their time. I am good at painting and graphic designing. So, I even plan to do some DIY projects and write in detail how I went about it. I am a professional photographer also. You will get good suggestions on photography and videography in this blog and know in detail how you can make your pictures stand out. You will find new posts every day related to the wedding in this blog. I hope you enjoy visiting my site.