5 tips to help you find your perfect wedding dress

The wedding dress is the main attraction of a wedding and every bride eagerly waits to choose their perfect outfit. However, with so many amazing designers out there it can be very difficult to choose the one that’s perfect for you. Here are some tips that will help you to choose your perfect wedding dress.

Start your search before

You shouldn’t wait until the last moment to select your dress. This is one of the first things you should do when you start planning for your wedding. You should browse the internet and find your favorite designer or do window shopping in your nearest bridal stores. You can also have a look at the fashion magazines for the latest fashion.

Be open minded

You shouldn’t have a fixed image of a dress in your mind. You should look at different designs and then choose. You should visit as many stores as you can and finally select your gown.

Consider your budget

You should make a budget and stick to it. You should narrow down your list of choices according to your budget. You must visit boutiques that sell bridal gowns that are within your budget.

Keep accessories in mind

You should not forget about the accessories. Your dress should match your ornaments, shoes, etc. Your accessories must compliment your dress.

Choose something comfortable

Your wedding dress should not make you look gorgeous only, you should feel comfortable wearing it too. You will have to wear the dress for a long time and if you are not comfortable in it will be reflected in your appearance.

Whichever dress you choose must make you look beautiful. If you are not sure what looks good on you, then you should take advice from the experts. You should take the time to buy your wedding dress so that you don’t have any regrets regarding your choice later on.

5 things you should remember about your wedding night

Anticipating for the wedding night can be nerve-racking. There are so many things that go on in your brain. Your heart starts pounding by the thought of the night. Unlike in the past, the to-be bride and groom spend enough time before marriage to know each other. This makes them more comfortable on the night of their wedding. Here are some things you should remember regarding your wedding night.

Don’t rush

The wedding is not only about sex. So don’t get to bed straight away. You can spend some quality time together by talking, cracking jokes, etc. You should get connected mentally first before you go into a physical relationship. The entire wedding ceremony can be exhausting. So, you may also feel tired and sleep early. It is also not necessary to have sex on the first night.

Put on a sexy dress

You must buy a special lingerie for your wedding night because nothing turns on a guy more than a sexy dress. You can choose satin night gowns or lacy dresses. You should be comfortable and feel confident wearing that dress.

Don’t experiment

There are many ways to have sex. But on the first night stick to the simple love making. You can experiment with various positions, sex toys, etc. later on. You should try to know what your partner likes or dislikes.

Make the environment romantic

You should make your bedroom very romantic. You can have soft music, candles, fragrance, flowers, etc. that will boost your sexual feelings. These will also help you to get rid of your stress and make you feel relaxed.

Communicate with your partner

You should talk with your partner about family planning on the first night if you don’t want to get pregnant right away. You must decide on the contraceptive method you are going to use.

Sex is an important part of marriage. You should visit the doctor regularly for your sexual health check up. It is important to know each other well and feel emotionally connected in order to experience good sex.

4 things to consider when hiring your wedding photographer

The wedding is a big part of life and you want every moment of it captured. A lot of things make the wedding special including the floral decoration, the bride’s dress, the cake, etc.  You need a good photographer who will not only capture the physical objects but also the emotions of the event. Here are four things you should consider before selecting a photographer for your wedding. 

Do some research

You should visit the websites of a number of photographers to get familiar with their styles. You should look at local magazines also to find out about good photographers in town. Then make a short list of the photographers and choose from them.

Decide on the budget

Photographers charge according to their experience and the equipment they use. You should choose a photographer whom you can afford. If someone you know is new to photography but takes good photos, you can select that photographer as well. You can ask your friends and families for recommendations.

Take interviews

You should sit with the photographer and look at few of his or her past projects. You should discuss the type of equipment the photographer is going to use, the style of the photo he or she will take, the timing, etc.

Know what you are going to get

You should sit with the photographer and know what you are going to get the package. Some photographers provide lots of prints, enlargements, etc.; whereas, others may charge extra for these. If possible, you should try to customize the package according to your preference.

A good wedding photographer will capture your memories well. These photos will become a lifetime asset, so you should remember these four tips before choosing the wedding photograph.