Tips on How to Present a Wonderful Bride and Groom Speech

Presenting a wedding speech can be quite tasking. What’s with the bride and groom expecting you to wow the crowd with your wit and humor? If you get a chance to speak at a wedding, here are a few tips worth noting.

Make Introductions

First, start by introducing yourself. How do you relate to the bride and groom? It also does not hurt to acknowledge the person who spoke before you did.

Make Notes

It is important to jot down what exactly you will say during your speech. Practicing your delivery also goes a long way in helping you gain confidence. Once you get a chance to speak, try to talk naturally. Only glance at your cue cards to remind yourself of what comes next.

Do not rush your speech. Being nervous is okay. Take deep breaths and look at the audience when addressing them. If it’s a big venue, opt for a microphone to enhance your voice. Keep in mind that everyone wants to hear what you have to say about the bride and groom.

Know Your Audience

If you knew the couple for a long time, you must have some inside jokes. Save those for later since not everyone will get them. Instead, you can give light details on how you met the couple. A toast should be all inclusive and appeal to everyone present.


A wedding is a joyous occasion, and toasts are meant to make people smile. Think about funny stories or silly occurrences you shared with either the bride or groom and speak about them lightly. Your goal is to make people laugh and not to settle scores. Do not go overboard with the teasing.

State the obvious

A compliment or two towards the bride or groom wouldn’t hurt. Every toast includes the bit on how lucky the groom is, and how beautiful the bride looks. We all love such tributes, hence, do not leave this out.

Your toast should be able to make people feel good, happy and emotional at the same time. Lastly, ensure the glasses are full before asking the audience to toast to the beautiful couple.