Wedding Reception Protocol – Who Says What and When?

wedding protocolA wedding reception could be formal or casual, but you need to be confident that you do it correctly — in other words you need to follow the standard wedding reception routine as that’s what people can expect. Note nevertheless that the protocol isn’t quite as stiff as you may think, and may be considered more like a set of tips. However, what’s the traditional wedding reception routine?

An official wedding reception is held at the restaurant of a resort where facilities and employees are on-hand to get a whole sit-down dinner — sometimes still called the “wedding breakfast”. An informal reception with a buffet menu could be a less expensive option.

If the guests arrive at the reception, then they need to be greeted with a receiving line. This is usually the bride’s mother and dad, the bridegroom’s mother and father, the bride, and finally the groom — in this order. When there’s a high number of guests, you may wish just to have the bride and groom inviting the guests.

Guests are then customarily presented with a beverage, and when everybody has arrived, they could begin to look to their name cards at the dining room. The bride and groom must have sorted out this well ahead of time, and the sole point of protocol here is that in a formal wedding reception there’s usually a high table to the leading members of their wedding celebration.

At some point the cake is cut — this can be possible at the tail end or part-way into. The wife holds the knife in her right hand, together with all the groom’s right side on hers, and then the bride’s left hand in addition to that. This is a significant photo opportunity, and the couple might need to stand at this position with a grin on their faces for many moments! The cake is then whisked from the restaurant staff to be trimmed up prepared to be handed out in the conclusion of the reception as people are still leaving. You might choose to rescue the best tier to spare to your christening of this first-born.

Following the cake-cutting comes the highlight of the reception: the speeches.

The first to speak is that the bride’s dad. He’ll typically mention a few words and then suggest the most important toast: “Health and happiness to the bride and bridegroom” (or something comparable).

The bridegroom then reacts, thanking the bride’s parents and the guests, and he concludes by proposing a toast to the health of the bridesmaids.

The best man then speaks, replying to your bridesmaids, studying the congratulatory cards and telegrams. The ideal person will even relate some stories about the groom (and bride, even if they’re friends also).

That’s it as much as tradition is worried, however, should they prefer, the bride, bride’s mother, along with the maid of honour (chief bridesmaid) can all make speeches — but it’s ideal to consult the bride and groom originally.

Any and all of the addresses can be funny or serious, but giving a speech is a high-stress activity for a lot of people. You might wish to consider employing a pre-written speech. This is well worth considering, and you will find a few websites offering such stuff, and also you may edit what they provide one to create it suitable and applicable for your wedding reception. Getting another person to do the job isn’t merely a fantastic time-saver, but relieves one of this massive amount of stress — and also you may have confidence that what they provide you may do the job. Such pre-written speech templates can be purchased for next to nothing — and trust me: paying for them is well worth it since they’ve been made and honed by professionals.

When there is to be dance, the bride and groom are first on the ground. They’re followed by the maid of honor and the best man and after that member of both households.

At some point, the bride and groom will slip away to transform to “normal” clothing and will subsequently return to state good-bye before going off to their honeymoon. Before they depart, the bride throws her flowers into the atmosphere — and tradition has it that the female to grab it’s next in line for marriage. Sometimes the groom will throw the bride’s garter to the men, along with the person who grabs it is subsequently expected to put it to the leg of the woman who caught the bouquet.

The bride and groom then enter a car that’s been decorated by additional guests and push off into the sunset for their honeymoon and the rest of their lives together.

Last, remember that the entire point of this wedding is really for the benefit of the bride and groom, which wedding reception routine is, after all, only a set of tips. It is exactly what the guests will probably be expecting, so if you intend to deviate from tradition, it is perhaps best to let everybody know beforehand to prevent disappointment.

Plan it carefully, then relax and enjoy yourselves!